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Farming needs a new brand.

Sure organic is cool, and local is cool, and everything else is cool too.

This isn’t really a piece about saving the planet either. This is about wanting science to win.

Don’t want to stop using BST on your cows?

Sell BST milk as a value added product.

Don’t want to have to plant non GMO corn so that Dannon can make its costumers feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Sell your use of GMO corn as a value added product.

🤔 Is that possible? (sounds a bit crazy)

It’s crazy enough that it might just work.

Organic, local, sustainable, etc, are all just fad brands of the same thing when boiled down. Costumers want transparency and they wan it now.

Soooo transparency kinda sucks to implement. Really, I get it.

Maybe we don’t want to go straight to putting how many shots we use for reproductive synchronization on the side of the milk bottle just yet but there are things we could do.

Product labels / brand / media should be pushing the hell out of what ag would be like without GMO’s, BST. etc.

I want to see a bottle of milk in the cooler in 2017 where the biggest label is the most straight forward and non jargon explanation of how science is awesome. ( and this is why )

You think you need to niche for your business to be profitable / survive / strive? You might be right, but you don’t have to just follow the consumers. You can lead them.

There’s a lot of smart non agricultural people out there that would really gobble this shit up. Literally.

Go forth and prosper. Make more money. Get niched. Just don’t try and pander to a warm and fuzzy narrative that you don’t really believe in to get there. It’s bad for society.

Science. #FTW

Hit me up on twitter if you thought this post sucked. I mostly only talk about ag technology.


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