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We totally did not get into YC.

Its December 30th.

I’m in the tail end of a sugar hangover from all the Christmas cookies I utterly destroyed during yesterdays family Christmas party.

I’m not going to get any “real” work done so I am thinking about what 2020 means to me and if 2019 was worth a shit.

Tis the season.

I try to do “more” every year. 📈

More of what I want. More of what I will remember. More of what makes me enjoy being alive. Thats how I define “more.”

2019 was big.

2020 should be “more.” Obviously.

My “more” recap of 2019: (chronologically-ish)

Ok. Enough!

Probably more that you needed to know and maybe more than I am supposed to admit.

Maybe it sounded like bragging. Maybe it was? 10 things was more than enough to make the point.

The important part is I want you to notice is how much I failed or things just didn’t work out.

I like it when people are aloud to see that reality for most is a shit show. These manicured life stories are lame and even harmful.

I literally failed at most the things I tried at in 2019 depending on how you define failure.

I wish I would have failed less but that was not my reality. I have regrets. I think thats normal and fine.

Buy my 2019 was a huge success!

It was a success because I did not fail to try for what I want. I did not fail myself.

I’ve been failing for roughly 29 years now and hope to continue doing so well past 100.

Doing “more” means more failing. Getting over that fact is important.

I hope this didn’t come off as failure porn.

I’m excited to do more in 2020.

Embrace the shit show.

Happy New Year! 🚀

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