When I was young I got sick. I spent days in the hospital and the doctors made sure my immediate family all came to visit because they where worried about if I would make it. Of course they don’t tell kids this. I only found out later.

When I was a little older I got my drivers license and pretty quickly totaled a truck by rolling it. A few friends also got to join in on the ride. We where lucky. No one was harmed.

When I studied abroad in Europe I spent a few hours visiting some pubs with a friend and someone decided to play a prank on some tourists far as we can tell and drugged us. We both woke up on the streets of Budapest the next day with no idea what happened but essentially things where fine. …


Carl Lippert

Dairy Farmer - Developer - Addicted to AgTech and coffee. Busy rebuilding the animal feed industry at https://feedx.io http://linkedin.com/in/carllippert

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